How Much Trust Would A Government Lose If A Government Could Lose Trust?

It’s bizarre to be living in a world with such duality, where there all these brainwashed, mind controlled, hypnotized zombies in a cult based around Stockholm syndrome, while the other half are actually aware of who these people are.

I know most people were raised to treat doctors in particular like religious leaders, they know everything, you have to trust the doctor’s word as law, as the word of God, but what you may not have realized is they rarely decide anything, at all.

They go to school and get indoctrinated with a tyrannical global agenda of selling drugs, and they sell drugs, and they can only sell the drugs they’re told to sell at the time they’re told to sell them, that’s what a doctor is, most of the time.

They’re not allowed to think for themselves, the only right answer is the one they got taught, and even if they noticed that they were killing all their patients, they wouldn’t be allowed to stop killing them, without approval from the people who approve the prescriptions they write.

That’s how the pyramid of dictatorial control works, and it’s kind of the same as the troop leaders in the army sending the soldiers to the front lines of battle, the only way you can get past following their orders is to shoot them in the head and say the enemy did it.

Then, you can just not go running up the beaches into machine gun fire, or you can still do that if you want, you might choose a different way to do it, if you had the ability to choose for yourself, rather than following orders from people who weren’t even there.

Lest we forget, is what they say about the ANZAC soldiers from world war one, who were cut down by machine gun fire, for no particular reason, without achieving anything, or even having any achievable objective, because they listened to the wrong people.

But did we ever even learn what we weren’t supposed to forget in the first place? I really don’t think we did, they keep killing themselves for somebody else’s agenda, and we keep praising them for doing it.

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You don’t want to follow orders from those people, ever, they will kill you, and give you nothing but the illusion of protection, and that’s never been more clear. Feel free to disagree, but seriously, think about it.

Think about it, and take a look at the people who are supposed to be giving these orders, and then realize they’re not even capable of giving orders, nobody voted them in, and the real people in charge are psychopath eugenicist mad scientists.

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