Potential Billion Dollar Reward For Blowing The Whistle On Big Pharma

A billion dollars in cash and what it looks like.

It is perhaps slightly wishful thinking that you could get a billion dollar payout, considering it relies on a successful court case by the US government against the vaccine manufacturers, but The High Wire is making that offer based on a real law and they do have one of the largest legal teams fighting for this cause.

If you blow the whistle on criminal fraud from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, etc, with information that they hid, which would have been crucial to know and that would have prevented the US government from spending the billions they spent on an emergency use authorized “vaccine” you could get a 15 to 30 percent share of the win, if they win the case.

The problem with that theory is that already happened, they falsified the study that showed that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous and not effective when used in combination with other drugs, and the study was retracted from the Lancet, and the company that did the study, their website just disappeared.

There were other effective treatments which are still being used with great success (according to many doctors), and the existence of these should have prevented the emergency use authorization, because there were other known effective medicines already existing, for what is basically the flu.

The other thing that should have prevented the emergency use authorization is that the definition of a pandemic was changed by the WHO, the PCR test was faulty by design, they lied about the numbers of people who died, to the extent that they knew they didn’t die from covid, and just said they did.

They died of a motorbike accident, and they said they died of covid, without a test, or anything, and got paid thousands to make that outrageously false claim, by a completely corrupt system that did nothing to prevent it, but encouraged it fully.

The corruption is so thorough that the governments, health systems, and media all around the world are complicit in obvious lies, to the extent that the entire world is run by criminal liars, and people who aren’t liars can’t say anything about it, or they’ll lose their job, working for criminals.

Even if the lies were on the other side of the debate, (and there aren’t only two sides), this would nevertheless make the same thing true in reverse, there would still be lies on a massive scale, but perhaps without the forced medical experimentation and deprivation of liberty of virtually everyone in the world.

I know that what I am seeing from both sides of the “debate” (in political parties anyway), is that they are trying to force totalitarian tyranny, in fact they already have forced it, it’s already been an infuriating deprivation of liberty in my own life, for my entire life, and I hate them.

I hate them with the burning flame of a thousand suns, I cannot stand their smug, elitist declaration of what they tell me they will allow me to do and won’t allow me to do, for my own good.

If they didn’t have men with guns protecting them, I wouldn’t listen to any of it, and why would you listen to the largest criminal organization in the world?

If I could press a button and wipe them off the face of the earth, I would have done it, a long time ago, but I can’t, so all I can do is try to convince anyone who knows more about their crimes than I do to come forward and blow the whistle, to the few remaining places where you can, before they’re gone completely.

The thing is, millions of people already do know about their crimes. They’re so obvious that if you work for them at all, you probably do have a target painted on your head, as much or more than a whistle blower or activist does.

I don’t know how you could sleep at night if you could keep a secret like that, regardless of how much you might get paid, unless you were a narcissist, a sociopath, a legit psychopath killer or a puppet, a demented slave of such people.

Dr Robert Malone the inventor of mRNA technology speaking very carefully and slowly about what he believes can be proven relating to the corrupt relationship between government, big pharma, big tech and the media, etc. Might want to start watching 15 minutes in, or you might want to skip it, but he basically says they’re corrupt, the vaccines are unsafe, and you can’t trust them, and he is one of them, close to the fire he says.

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