How To Tell When You’ve Been Brainwashed By CIA Propaganda

Have you ever watched TV? That’s how you tell that you’ve been brainwashed by a thoroughly manipulative propaganda campaign, even around the world.

It goes way beyond news propaganda, it’s social conditioning that changes the public perception enough so that almost everyone you ever meet will be spreading the same lies that they were taught, who then say the same things to everyone else, and it becomes indistinguishable from their own opinion.

There’s multiple layers to it, like there is a controlled opposition narrative, but the only way to avoid the propaganda altogether is to turn off the TV and perhaps the internet as well, and question every single claim they make, as though it was almost certain to be a lie, or distortion of the truth.

It’s very hard to find evidence or arguments as to why supposedly established “facts” or widely believed theories about righteous morality are in fact wrong, because of how much power they have over the media, but it can be done, particularly when you first start to notice it happening.

Should you have a convicted pedophile drag queen reading to your children or teaching them about the possibility they might be gay or transsexual and not even know it?

Probably not, that seems obvious, but a hundred years ago, and thousands of years ago, they had different attitudes about the age of consent, they would usually get married first, and marry for life in their early teens, not to a drag queen, probably.

It’s important to have that historical context, but that doesn’t mean that what they believed back then was any more true or righteous than what’s happening now, unless you believe it was, and people had a religious conviction about many other things back then that most people would now generally agree are insane.

There are logical reasons for why people should get married, like taking care of children, providing for a family, not spreading around STDs, falling in love, the pain of breaking up, the jealousy when another man takes your woman, or your man.

You can come to a subjective measurement of what is “righteous” by analyzing the various pros and cons of feminism which is virtually inseparable from the decline in marriage in determining if it’s a good thing or not.

If you had been in an abusive and controlling relationship with a man, you might make the case for being free to leave him and get divorced, but in my view that wasn’t the reason why the majority of people are not even in a relationship at all today, it was more of a manipulation of that perception, with an agenda.

The people who began the feminist movement were eugenicists, they had an objective of reducing the population and controlling who had the ability to reproduce, even to the point of forced sterilization of millions which is still happening today.

Yeah millions of people said they were sterilized by vaccines and all you have to do is say it didn’t happen in a fact check paid for by Bill Gates, through Poynter IFCN, based on the WHO’s denial of what they did.

Forced vaccination, mandatory vaccines, that’s also how they are sterilizing millions, as was reported in Kenya, Nicaragua, Philippines, and now rumored to be happening to the entire world with this new experimental covid vaccine.

Do we know that it definitely doesn’t sterilize you? Do we know it definitely doesn’t kill you? Nobody knows it doesn’t, and I saw Melinda Gates at a conference on population control saying she was trying to sterilize them, and that they wanted to be sterilized, they would walk for fifteen miles to get sterilized, she said.

Some say these adverse events aren’t proven, while others say that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but the only way there could be any doubt that they are harmful is if they were trying to kill you by scaring you off ever taking a vaccine again, because they actually save you and they lied about the side effects, so that you would become an anti-vaxxer, at the same time as they try to force them on you with a gun held to your head, which might be what they’re doing, as they are complete psychopaths.

It definitely does kill you to some degree, and I don’t really need to think that hard, we know they’re definitely trying to make it mandatory, and it reportedly killed tens of thousands of people and injured millions so far, just in the USA alone, if you can trust the reports.

If somebody brainwashed by mind control to the extent that they will believe strongly enough in doing something they didn’t do only a year or two ago, forces their beliefs on you with force, you have the right to defend yourself, particularly if they don’t even believe it themselves but are just following orders.

There’s being right, and there’s being wrong, but if you force your insane religious beliefs on other people, for a ruthless corporation who has admitted they lie to you all the time about everything, and who have been proven to be criminals, then you’re a criminal.

I don’t need to lay out the case again, it’s all in my previous posts, but the only reason I keep writing about it, in fact the only reason I made this site at all, is I’m scared for my life from these psychopaths brainwashing people with totalitarian mind control, and not about anything else that relies on my own decision making.

I could surely catch some virus if I didn’t take a vaccine, that’s my choice, or not really a choice, it’s just bound to happen even if I took every vaccine they ever made, soon as they made it.

I could die of a drug OD if I decided to abuse drugs, but that’s my choice. I might get killed by a protective parent if I slept with a teen girl, that’s still my choice, or her choice, more to the point.

I trust my own decision making capabilities to do what I think is right for me, and the only thing I fear is anyone who would try to take that freedom away by force because the very last people I trust with anything ever, is people who have ultimate power to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do with threats of death or kidnapping.

If you rape, kidnap, murder or steal, that’s taking away somebody else’s freedom, and infringing on their most basic human rights.

Their property, their bodily autonomy, etc, but when the government themselves commits worse crimes of this very nature on a global scale to millions, even billions of people, anything less than opposing their criminal organization completely is a crime, not the other way around.

Defund the police, I don’t know. Antifa and BLM were a psy op, Qanon was a psy op, everything is a psy op in the media, but the thing most people hate is the government, unless there’s a worse criminal gang in the neighborhood, and they probably work for the CIA anyway.

The two sides of politics are us and them, not left and right, and they are so desperate right now, my advice would be to be prepared for literally anything.

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