Did NATO Provoke Russia Into The Ukraine Conflict?

If you want the short answer, yes they did, or the US did, they broke agreements, funded neo nazis who burned people alive and continuously bombed thousands of pro Russian separatists in Donbass, although there are of course two sides in the war.

According to that video by Jimmy Dore, every single expert said that if they tried to bring the Ukraine into NATO it would be seen as a provocation serious enough to provoke war with Russia and they did it anyway.

I mean, this is what Kissinger said, and he was responsible for things like supporting Pol Pot during the killing fields of Cambodia, but he’s not stupid enough or insane enough to risk world war three with Russia over some weapons sales.

While this obvious glaring omission in foreign policy goes overlooked, people are being riled up to hate Russia to the degree they’re banning Russian cats from cat competitions.

A Disney streaming service banned the movie Anastasia, (although the Snopes fact check said mostly false on that one), it also mentioned them banning Russians from the Eurovision contest.

They’re trying to ban Russian Olympic athletes or sports players who refuse to denounce Putin, who did what he should have been expected to do in that situation according to every single expert on the subject who isn’t just lying.

As one expert in that video proposed as a thought experiment, what if Russia and it’s allies were building up military power on the Mexican border, working with literal Nazis who had killed 14,000 English speaking USA supporters in Mexico, steadily over the last few years?

It’s not even a question, they’re morally wrong, even wrong in terms of pushing the interests of the USA, or the military/industrial complex.

They’re so wrong they should be the ones being banned from international competitions, they clearly lied, clearly pushed too hard to start a war on purpose, and what did it get them?

A distraction from their other recent crimes against humanity? They’re so wrong they should be sent to the Ukraine to die in the war in the place of those they’re encouraging to provoke Russia into war so they can die for US interests.

It’s basically the weapons companies, because the only thing NATO really does is get people to buy weapons as a mandatory part of being a member, when in reality, they all got so many weapons they’re coming out their ears.

It is true that having more of the right kind of weapons can win a war for you, and it’s also true that if you provoke a war and cause them to be used, in the worst case scenario there’s no humans left on the planet earth.

This is the fundamental flaw with the whole idea of the arms race, and trying to be the guy who’s clearly got the most power, if you get too cocky, you might end up far more hurt than you would have been otherwise.

People will want to hurt you, and no offense to the good people in the USA, but with the brainwashing of the media, and the widespread insanity over covid and now this, why wouldn’t the world want to hurt the USA?

The USA who funded the gain of function research in the Wuhan lab, sure China wasn’t blameless, same as the governments of all countries really, but they did it, and if the people haven’t held them to account and many actually support people like Fauci, why wouldn’t they be considered equally guilty?

There’s all sorts of mental gymnastics you could do to defend Fauci, or the US military/industrial complex and the media, but generally speaking, at the core, they are evil and you would be hopelessly deluded or evil if you supported them as they are now.

This is destructive, vicious, murderous, deceitful, psychopathic evil tearing into the flesh of the world, especially it’s own people, with razor sharp teeth in the form of weapons including biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

That was the main threat Russia was worried about from Ukraine who had formerly been a nuclear power with Russian nukes.

Probably the reason why they bombed a nuclear power plant, Zelensky said he wanted Ukraine to join NATO and get nukes again, he asked for it.

They are still messing with the world like a cat with a mouse, or more realistically, with a thousand mice who haven’t yet figured out if they worked together, they could actually take down the cat, before it becomes a cyborg.

Could happen, they got sharp teeth, but they’re mice, they’re stupid. Best they can do is run and hide, or follow the herd like sheep into the slaughter house, and that’s probably going to be the solution for many, trying to hide from these nuclear powers and brainwashed masses out of their damn minds.

I know I said I wasn’t going to talk about Ukraine in my last post, that we need to hold them accountable for their past crimes against humanity or they’ll just keep getting worse and worse.

That is happening, but if we’re going to talk about Ukraine, it’s not really that complex.

It’s pretty much the same scam but worse and potentially much more deadly, they’re just psychopathic power mad genocidal maniacs, and the people are almost as bad themselves if they listen to these bastards.

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