Will Russia Respond To The Attack On Their Pipeline?

As many people have already pointed out, the US government are liars, everyone knows they’re liars, but they just keep lying, and are now trying to censor anyone who tells the truth, calling it misinformation.

Everyone knows they blew up the Nordstream pipeline, it was on the same day as the opening of the new Baltic pipeline, that brings natural gas into Europe at five times the price, which still won’t help them avoid a dark winter and they should be angry as well.

Like I was saying, it isn’t the number of Jews who died in the holocaust that is the issue, (even though it has been proven wrong in my opinion), but even if it was six million, it was actually more like six hundred million people last century and Hitler wasn’t even the worst killer in Europe in the same time period. But they’ll say all that and then write love ballads about the Ukrainian Nazis when as far as I can tell, they were backing the wrong side both times.

Putin has said the West are openly Satanic and evil, which they are, although Russia have been run by pretty much the same Satanic force as the USA since the Bolshevik revolution, maybe not so much now as they used to be.

From what I’ve heard, there’s an alliance between Russia, China and Iran, maybe some other countries as well, which just seems to be sticking up for their own interests, which is of course unacceptable to the bankers who own America.

This isn’t to say that those countries are better, however when Putin says the USA are evil and openly Satanic, that’s what half of America have been saying themselves.

They are wrecking their own country and the West in a way never seen before in our lifetimes, in fact I can barely think of an example in history of such purposeful destruction of their “own” country.

They are putting up ads for what to do if a nuclear strike happens on TV and on the sides of buses, when what actually happens in a nuclear strike on your city is you die, pretty much.

There are people arguing nukes don’t even exist, which is bizarre, but not unsurprising considering the level of deception that has been uncovered. I’m pretty sure they do exist, but that’s just me, and the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who had no reason to lie, from what I can tell. It’s a bit hard to fake that.

If a nuke hits your city, you’re basically toast, then the crops might start to die half a country away and you can’t eat them anyway, like Chernobyl was nothing compared to the devastation a real nuclear war would cause, even just one big hit, and Russia have thousands of nukes.

These retards in the Biden administration and most of the Western powers are basically saying they should start a nuclear war because Putin is bad, while never explaining exactly why he is so bad compared to Ukrainian Nazis killing separatists in the Donbass, and also not explaining how nuclear winter is better.

I’m not saying he isn’t bad by the way, even though the Ukraine invasion was not unprovoked and definitely not all his fault, he always had some issues, but right now America looks worse.

From a traditional religious perspective, they look the foot soldiers of Satan coming to mutilate the genitals of their children and get them hooked on fentanyl so they can live in tents with zombies walking the streets.

There is almost blanket control of the governments of the world by the World Economic Forum, which is the bankers, but half the world wanted America wiped off the map before, how popular do you think they are now among the people of the world?

Some people have been saying the multi polar world order is the WEF plan, they want America to lose power and give more power to Russia and China and therefore it’s a bad thing.

My counter argument is that if America doesn’t stop being almost as bad, or in some cases worse than Russia and China, then it’s just as bad, if not worse that they remain in unilateral control of the world.

This guy is a poor excuse for a human being, killed over fifteen thousand of his “own” people because they hate him and want to join Russia, but he won’t let them go even though they want him dead. Absolute scum puppet. For all I know the entire reason for this war could have been to take over the natural gas market, make weapons sales, but the one thing it definitely wasn’t about was saving lives.

Another thing to bare in mind is they are going to lose, the bankers keep buying made in China goods and they have no plans to stop investing in China, and unless you stop them doing what they’re doing, China will be the richest country in the world, they already are in market share.

I don’t want China to take over the world, but if America overextend themselves in Ukraine and then try to fight a war for Taiwan which they agree is already part of China, China may gang up with Russia and destroy them.

The Americans have a strong military, but Russia is the largest country in land mass and in my opinion they would both be prepared to lose half their citizens if it meant taking out their number one enemy who has less land mass than either Russia or China and they might even be joined by other nuclear powers.

From what I heard they have hypersonic nukes which go into low orbit before they come down at faster than the speed of sound.

You can’t stop that, or you don’t know what you don’t know, and I think they would be more likely to want a nuclear war because just due to the greater land mass they would be more likely to come out ahead, but they would probably only do that if there was no other option and they were being crushed.

China themselves doesn’t have to do anything but wait, their economy is growing, America’s is shrinking, they haven’t got a NATO type of agreement with Russia, but if they see them getting destroyed, they might very well think they could be next, and they don’t have as many nukes as Russia does.

I’m not a global war politics expert, but I probably know more about it than most people who just watch the lying corporate media, who are basically the government and the government are blatantly lying through their teeth as though they’ve given up on trying to appear like they’re not.

This is not a good strategy to appear evil and deceptive, people were already starting to question them after 9/11, even more so after the lies about the non existent WMDs in Iraq, which killed millions of people including US soldiers.

They then found out about Operation Northwoods, the gulf of Tonkin, the CIA running the drug trade, the covid scam, planning to attack the world with biological weapons, and now they see the US government as evil lying scum, or maybe about half of them do, in America itself.

The only thing they have going for them at this point is they aren’t China, but like I said, the bankers and their corporations are the only reason China is a threat because they put profit over their own people, and they don’t ever learn because you don’t ever kill them as traitors, which you’re really going to have start doing in my opinion.

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