The Insidious Social Media Takeover Of The World

This video talks about the tech giants moving into developing countries, trying to shove their products down people’s throats, by first enticing them with the promise of “inclusion”.

Yeah, I been included about 10% of the last year on Facebook. They silenced my voice, shoved their ideology down my throat, and they did that to millions of people, divided families, destroyed businesses, ruined their own platform.

The CEO of YouTube gave herself an award for freedom of expression, while she terminated the accounts of people who dared to speak the truth and have an opinion other than theirs.

Political censorship, totalitarian silencing of the opposition, basic dictatorship, like the Canadian prime minister said is his favorite form of government, and now it’s coming to the developing world.

They say they want to get this divisive technology into the hands of every person on earth, telling them what they’re allowed to think and say, to the point that they don’t have a voice unless it’s been programmed into their minds by the corporations.

Spying on them, surveilling their every move, on and off the platform, and selling it to the highest bidder, like Cambridge Analytica and the NSA.

It’s an Orwellian nightmare, worthy of the use of that term. Other people said I was going too far when I called them Nazis, but when you look at who’s actually controlling the agenda, they are the same people who funded Hitler.

There has never been a time in my life when the evil, greed and megalomania of the power mad elites has made itself so apparent, and I never knew how much power they actually had, at least in theory.

They had done things like this before, to a minor extent, but I’m trying to think of an example, and I can’t even think of one, except when looking back in history to communist or fascist dictators.

Stalin, Mao, Hitler, those are the examples that come to mind when describing what they have done in the last year, and the only reason it falls short is they didn’t kill quite as many people.

They starved millions to death, hundreds of millions were predicted to be on the verge of starvation due to the lock downs in the third world, and of course anyone who criticized that was a “conspiracy theorist”.

They silenced free speech, shut down millions of businesses around the world, many of them never to reopen, took trillions of dollars from hard working people, made the rich richer, while destroying the poor, and what was their supposed point again?

Oh yeah, old people dying of the flu, that they made in the Wuhan lab, maybe a few months earlier than they would have anyway, on average.

Half of them don’t agree with the whole thing, half of them don’t even want to live an extra year with arthritis and cataracts, my grandma says she wants to die, and she’s just waiting, at ninety something.

That’s why I’m opposed to their crap, and if anyone had really analyzed the cost/benefit ratio, they would understand that it almost immediately went into the negative, the moment they did anything at all, and nobody ever did anything quite like this before.

It’s a plot, it’s a scam, it’s a world takeover, they planned it for years, decades even, and I can’t say that to them, because they won’t let me have free speech on their “inclusive” artificial intelligence mind control device.

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