The Godfather Of Gain Of Function Research: Fauci

I’m still banned on Facebook for saying they made the virus in the Wuhan lab, which has been backed up by tons of “circumstantial evidence” including that they admitted doing gain of function on coronaviruses from bats, funded by the NIH through Eco Health Alliance.

The stated purpose of the program was finding out how viruses evolve so they could work on cures for them, but as this interview on the Joe Rogan show with Josh Rogin from the Washington Post reveals, they didn’t really spend a lot of time making cures for them, unless they did and didn’t tell anyone about the cure.

They banned the cure, it’s murder, that’s what the teams of front line doctors said, and that got banned as well.

So who would be evil enough to ban a team of doctors saying we have the cure, and they’re banning it, within hours, without even checking to see if that’s true?

Facebook, Google, YouTube, Bill Gates, George Soros, and the CCP, who funded the Poynter International Fact Checking Network, going back before the virus was released.

It’s entirely possible that even the opposition to this evil plot is controlled opposition, that’s how thoroughly they seem to have planned out this world takeover attempt.

They told you they were going to do it, in Event 201, in the WHO’s world at risk report, and in the SPARS pandemic scenario.

Bill Gates saying “germ games” would need to be conducted, like war games, even going back to 2010, in the Rockerfeller Foundation’s scenarios for future technology and international development.

This guy in the interview says he wants to give Anthony Fauci the benefit of the doubt, and I don’t. I think he was among the people who made the AIDS virus in the lab and released that as well, it wasn’t from gay men having sex with monkeys.

I think he’s pure evil, you can see it in his eyes, along with Bill Gates, absolute psychopaths, corrupt, vicious, ruthless murdering bastards, and nobody could convince me otherwise.

In my opinion they need to go on trial for crimes against humanity, even if they’re not guilty, millions of people think they are, and they have every reason to think that.

There’s no way you can win back the trust of the people in the medical system when they have been proven to have lied as much as they have, covered up the side effects of their experimental vaccine, covered up the gain of function research, the faulty tests, etc.

The anti vax movement was also mentioned in the SPARS pandemic scenario, and they even mentioned a group called ZapQ, which sounds a lot like Qanon, so that part of it is most probably part of their plans as well.

They put out a ton of misinformation, to discredit conspiracy theorists, while they were doing all of this, largely through the Qanon groups, but all over the place, and it seems like a battle plan.

Divide and conquer, a plan to take over the world, the new world order, one world government, making their move, like they been saying they were going to do, for decades.

I’m gradually being proven right with everything I was saying, one thing at a time, but the thing about that is, I was already proven right, because the proof was already there.

At least, as much as anything of this kind can be proven, at all, and in truth, I’m just relying on reporting mostly being done by media outlets bought and paid for, by those same people.

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