The Great Convergence Of Biological And Digital Technologies

Yeah, biological technologies, let’s start off with defining what that means. They have been doing animal/human hybrids for at least fifty years, and they just tried to pass a law to ban it, and it failed.

Another point about the law is that anything that is from nature cannot be patented, but once it’s not from nature, it can be patented and owned, and it has no rights, even if it’s 99% human.

This is perhaps still being defined in law, by the same people who made biological weapons and released them on the world on purpose to force a totalitarian technocratic dictatorship.

A one world government ruled by unelected leaders who agree that you will own nothing and you will be happy, eating bugs and weeds, while they experiment on your children and change their DNA.

Klaus Schwab is not exactly in charge of the world, he’s just the founder of the WEF, but the Davos group has a lot of powerful people involved in it, and their psychotic transhumanist vision of the future is frightening beyond belief.

The great convergence is a name they came up with, talking about how they will change what it means to be human, literally meaning they will change your DNA and mess around with RNA, doing whatever experiments they decide to do.

Where did we hear the term rewriting the genetic code, or hacking the software of life?

From the guy at Moderna, funded by DARPA, talking about how they would use mRNA technology to change what it means to be human.

They’re also writing articles like The Case Against Kids – Is Having Children Immoral? by The New Yorker. That was all the way back in 2012.

Here’s one from Medium from this year, it lays out the case like this:

Premise 1: Pain is bad.
Premise 2: Pleasure is good.
Premise 3: An absence of pain is good.
Premise 4: An absence of pleasure is not bad for the person for whom this pleasure is not a deprivation.

Yeah, that’s the robotic transhumanist eugenicist calculation on how to rid the world of suffering, get rid of people.

Looking forward to the end of humanity, these people are serious, and they’re telling you about it everywhere, telling you to cut your little boy’s genitals off, telling you that sex is bad, hugging is dirty and you must stop making babies or you’re a bad person.

I’m all for killing every last one of these people if they’re going to try to force their crap on everyone in the world, it would make the world a much better place.

I am of course talking about the eugenicists, who are trying to place themselves in control of this unelected world government of the extermination of humanity.

Listening to them tell it, the world will be a much nicer, safer, quieter place with robots doing all the work for the few humans that remain, the animals and trees will be able to flourish without the plague of humanity threatening their survival.

On the one hand, I actually agree we need to lower the population, but the brutal, evil, vicious propaganda and lies that they use to try to convince people to do this, is horrific.

It’s so bad that I almost agree with them that the universe would be better off without any living creatures at all, if those sick, evil people are allowed to exist in it.

Their suffering is so great, that if they aren’t exterminated, the overall experiment of the existence of living creatures is a net loss, and they should of course start with killing themselves, but no, they want to brainwash everyone else to kill themselves first.

That’s great. That’s a great bunch of people to look up to, and the horrifying thing is that at least half the people just go along with the mad dictates from these transhumanist eugenicist Satanic freaks who openly say they’re trying to kill us all.

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