Biden Administration Refuses To Arrest Fauci For War Crimes

“He’s overseen management of multiple global health crises, and attacks launched on him are certainly something we wouldn’t stand by,” Psaki said

It’s hard to know what to talk about, I’ve already mentioned the Fauci emails and the shift in the mainstream narrative about the “lab leak hypothesis”.

Jen Psaki says she can’t imagine any circumstance where Biden would fire Fauci, because apparently you can kill as many people as you want, make as many mistakes as you want, and nobody ever fires you if you’re in the US government in the field of “health”.

He admitted that masks don’t work in the emails, which was the first thing he said about it, and he was thanked for lying about the origins of the virus by Peter Daszak.

That’s the Eco Health Alliance guy who bragged on video about doing gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab, with funding from the NIH.

He was the WHO investigator to the Wuhan lab, he wrote the paper that said it came from nature, and there was an email with his name, the bat lady’s name, and gain of function in the title, which means it’s open and shut, and it was proven over a year ago anyway.

Here’s something from Australia. Facebook silenced the speech of a member of parliament in my country, Craig Kelly. Took down what he said was the most popular political Facebook page in Australia.

Here he is speaking to parliament about how millions of doctors around the world are saying that they banned the cure, it’s murder.

He said based on the peer reviewed scientific studies, there’s a less than 1 in 137 billion chance that hydroxychloroquine is not beneficial in treating covid.

Yet doctors are still being threatened with six months jail here for prescribing it, based on a falsified study that was retracted from the Lancet by a fake company that completely lied about all aspects of their study written by a porn star and a science fiction writer.

That’s Surgisphere apparently, according to the Guardian, funded by Bill Gates who doesn’t always seem to be on the same page as him.

Kelly had to quit his political party and become an independent, because he had such little faith in what the Liberal party, (the conservative side) were saying.

Which was based on obvious lies, which anyone can prove for themselves if they try, and you have to search hard, and not just look at the fact checks at the top of Google.

You may have a better chance of getting proper treatment from covid if you pretend you’re a lice infected animal.

Ivermectin works even better than hydroxychloroquine in treating covid, if treatment starts early, and with an 85% or higher reduction in deaths with the existing therapeutics, if used in the right combination, whose side effects were already known, that’s pretty close to a cure.

What he also mentioned was that the experimental “vaccine” doesn’t work, there have been thousands of “breakthrough cases” where thousands of people “died from covid” after being vaccinated, if they didn’t die from the vaccine.

This is what the fact checkers paid for by Bill Gates, George Soros, Facebook and Google do to fairly accurate claims, they call them misinformation while they admit they silence true facts that might cause “vaccine hesitancy” in their secret policies as revealed by whistleblowers, who they terminate immediately. Does this inspire confidence in anyone?

It’s probably more likely that they died from the vaccine, and they just covered that up by saying it was covid, but he also points out that with more deaths reported than all other vaccines for the last twenty years, any other vaccine would have been pulled by now.

In fact, every other deadly vaccine that had anywhere near the amount of death and injury associated with it as this covid vaccine does, was pulled off the market, but only based on massive pressure at that time as well.

That might give you the impression that they already fixed the problems with the existing vaccines, but that would be a false impression, they just said the thousands of times increase in autism, SIDS and childhood cancer wasn’t caused by vaccines, and nobody was able to prove that it was in the inherently corrupt court system.

Problem solved, they just said the problem didn’t happen, or wasn’t caused by vaccines, without providing any other explanation.

People fell for that, but we’re starting to see how wrong they were to trust the “consensus” of these supposed scientists.

I want to get back to the primary issue, which is not that they made the virus in the lab on purpose and banned the cure and are killing children and millions of recovered people who have natural immunity with a deadly vaccine that they don’t need or want, it’s more that they think they can tell you what to do, because of it.

These are the retarded, brainwashed, willfully ignorant morons who will lead us to our graves, by listening to mass murdering drug dealing wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to take over the world with fear.

Because they attacked you with a biological weapon which is essentially less deadly than the flu, particularly with the already existing therapeutics, they think they can force you to change every single thing you do, say, think and feel.

Totalitarianism that extends to when and who you can have sex with or hug.

Needing a reason to go five or ten kilometers outside of your house, being asked the reason why you left your house, based on five cases in a city of millions from a faulty PCR test that they even admit has false positives.

Pregnant women arrested for posting on Facebook about attending a freedom protest, journalists arrested violently, people pepper sprayed, having their arms broken, because of the flu.

Literally in Australia, a less deadly flu season than every other year in recorded history including covid numbers.

The flu disappeared almost completely, and was replaced by “covid” or did it really? It’s not like anyone could miss what they did, it’s more a matter of what sort of person you are.

I’m not a Satanist. That’s a conspiracy theory. I only want you to eat bugs and weeds and drink sewage. You will own nothing and be happy.

Are you the sort of person who would rather dismiss the overwhelming evidence of a plot, a scam, a scheme?

A conspiracy to force an evil agenda against all common sense and flying in the face of actual science because it’s less stressful than facing up to the truth and realizing you have to fight the system?

Well, considering they threatened people with hack attacks and more biological weapons attacks, that would make covid seem like a small disturbance in comparison, that does seem scary.

It is scary if you’re a pedophile politician and are black mailed by people who shoot journalists in the head or cut them into little pieces.

They are scary people, particularly when they seem to control the largest armies in the world, but those armies are still made up of people, at least people could still probably beat their robot armies if they all decided to, right now.

If the people in the armies of the world don’t decide to mutiny against these sick, evil, lying monsters who attacked the world with biological weapons on purpose, and banned the cure, based on a study written by a science fiction writer, then we’re all dead, or as good as dead.

It’s that simple, as far as I can work out, and if they wait even another year or two to do it, it will be too late, and the inherently evil overlords will have us in an inescapable Orwellian nightmare of a boot stomping on a human face forever, but the foot won’t even be human, and our skulls will be crushed like a bug.

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