Tucker Carlson Says They’re Spying On Him

An NSA whistleblower revealed personal text messages to Tucker Carlson that showed they were watching him, which is possibly a threat.

They been spying on me for years, in fact Edward Snowden said about a decade ago that they were spying on over a hundred thousand people in Australia, from the NSA in America.

I realized they were doing that after I was on Yahoo Answers in the politics section talking about the CIA and their drug dealing, torture and terrorism and I got regular messages coming up on my anti virus software. I just ended up turning the messages off.

Since then, I heard that they have massive servers recording every single thing that anyone says on their phone, texts, email, social media, anything and everything, anywhere in the world and software to pick up keywords.

They then sell that information to anyone who wants to buy it, through Cambridge Analytica, or other private companies who want to sell it, and of course Facebook is involved, and it keeps getting worse.

Far from trying to hide it, they’re now openly showing you how much they spy on you by actively silencing anything you try to say that they don’t like in any way you try to say it.

I mentioned in my last post that I thought they hacked my computer and made it shut down, and today my other computer shut down. It got really hot, and I don’t know if that’s just because it’s an old computer and the fan stopped working, but it’s pretty suspicious.

We’re the scary mask people. They don’t work 99% of the time and we know that, but we like being scary.

The entire thing is suspicious from start to finish, every single thing they do is insane, bizarre, wrong, vicious, evil, criminal, and they just seem to keep getting worse and worse while gaslighting people that they’re not doing it.

I’m starting to question if the brainwashed people I’m talking to on social media are paid to be that stupid, or if they’re paid to lie, and it’s hard to tell because people are so messed up one way or another.

For example, I got told a bunch of covid propaganda like to wear a mask even though they don’t work, by this woman who said that there were many people she knew had died of covid.

There are people who die in the emergency waiting room all the time, and you could save thousands of those people for the millions of dollars per person, average age 82 that this horrific policy cost to possibly save them, while taking freedom and jobs and happiness away from everyone in society. This propaganda just speaks for itself, but you have to understand the context to realize it is the right opinion to have even if there is a new virus to add to the rest.

There was 0.1% of the population who died in any country, and that’s just an estimate because their numbers are wrong. That means that about one in a thousand people died of covid in America, the worst affected country, and 90% of them were in nursing homes.

So, if you were going to say there were many people you knew, who weren’t at the age people usually die, with two or three co-morbidities like lung cancer or heart disease, who died from covid, you’d have to know tens of thousands of people.

You’d have to know about ten thousand people statistically speaking for you to know one person who died from covid, not with it, based on a faulty PCR test, that you didn’t even need to use to say it was a case, and when you add to it the fact that she said we all know people who died from it, it just doesn’t make sense.

What makes the most sense is she’s lying, she’s completely lying and she knows she is.

There is no delta strain, she doesn’t have a hundred eighty year old friends, and if there is anyone dying then they’re either killing them on purpose in specific areas, or covering up the real figures of people dying from the virus.

Granted, any of those things could be true, in different cities of the world, but no matter how you look at this, somebody extremely powerful is lying to the level where they killed millions of people, or destroyed billions of lives by lying about there being so many people dying when it wasn’t even true at all.

Why was this important? The simulation of a deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen, system wide, or world wide, if they didn’t tell the public they were doing it, would look exactly like this looked, if they were insane psychopaths, and that’s of course what I already knew, and it wasn’t the only time they told you they were going to do it.

It’s either one or the other. Either the covid freaks made it up, and it’s a simulation of a deliberate release of a deadly respiratory pathogen and it’s all just a hoax, thoroughly carried out by the largest group of liars ever assembled, or they’re lying about it not being deadly, and there are actually people dying all over the place in some parts.

The one thing that is definitely true, is they’re lying, and they exposed themselves as liars, who planned this whole thing many years in advance, whether it’s a real virus that they made and released on purpose, or doesn’t even exist.

There’s so many lies I can’t even tell you which one of those I lean towards, but I know for certain that they’re silencing people, I know which people are being silenced, like me, and that just makes it harder to work out the truth, but I know there’s no covid here.

Like Bill Maher said recently, when he does a Google search on the Wuhan lab leak, and sees that Google didn’t do an auto-fill suggestion because they didn’t want to encourage misinformation, or when they have all fact checks on a search whenever anyone wants to know if Ivermectin works, it’s criminal.

They’re acting like criminals who don’t want you to find out about their dirty little secret, and it just makes them look worse, because they’re doing that. It makes them look even more complicit in the lies and crimes of these big pharma corporate criminals.

I don’t really care which one it is to be honest, my country, or the government alone spent about half a trillion dollars on this crap and it made everyone miserable.

The damage it caused was greater than doing anything at all, even if this was the black plague, but it wasn’t, it was the least deadly flu season we ever had.

Buy a t shirt.

We had the worst bush fire in the history of the world just before it, and they had a “notional” bush fire relief fund, of two billion dollars, to people who had lost everything.

The notional part meant, they said they were going to spend the money to help them, and didn’t, so it was a notion, an idea, and then they spend hundreds of times that much on doing something half the people didn’t want at all, vehemently.

It’s what they do, and while they spend a lot of money trying to make themselves look good, the truth always ends up coming out.

I already thought these people were corrupt and criminal, beyond belief, not just here, or in America, but all governments, everywhere.

You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can’t fool all of the people, all the time.

These people cannot be allowed to take a single step further towards our rights and freedoms, or they will have killed us all, and I mean literally.

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