What To Do When A Psychopath Knocks On Your Door

I don’t know if I mentioned this before, or if you heard me, you may not have heard me if you been using corporate censored social media, because I been banned from speaking there freely a full year now.

I’m not taking any vaccines ever again, they are made by psychopaths who either want to kill you, sterilize you, or make you sick for the rest of your life to make you a permanent lifelong customer of big pharma.

They like making money, making people sick, and killing people, because they’re psychopaths and sociopaths, literal Satanists and eugenicists who believe they need to reduce the population of the world, or like to tell people it’s necessary.

There’s no other aspect to it, there’s no logical reason why they would be offering children free ice cream, donuts, french fries, stories read to them by pedophile drag queens, if they can stick their poison injection into them.

They were not at risk, most people are not at risk, every single thing they said is a lie, they were never trustworthy to begin with, and only brainwashed, mind controlled slaves with cognitive dissonance do not understand that by now.

Due to the Chinese style totalitarian censorship of truth, which they admitted they were doing if it caused vaccine hesitancy, some people don’t know that they have been injecting people with magnetic graphene oxide nanoparticles which could make you magnetic, apart from causing side effects like thousands of deaths and millions of injuries.

They don’t understand that the greatest fear that informed people had for the last year and a half was the military turning up to force these experimental injections of painful death on the public, and so they might turn up knocking on doors expecting not to get shot.

This probably isn’t going to happen, or in other words, they probably are going to get shot in some number, if they’re pushing these injections of experimental poison by force, which is forced medical experimentation, a violation of the Nuremberg code, treason and a legitimate reason to shoot them in self defense.

Some would say that it’s best not to shoot them unless you absolutely have to, but my opinion is you absolutely had to kill them all before they attacked the world with biological and chemical weapons, which I was telling people a decade ago, but you didn’t listen, so you get this.

They told you they were going to do it for years, they told you they lied about everything, the masks had graphene oxide in them as well and were recalled after they forced you to wear them, while also admitting they don’t work before they said you had to wear them.

The tests didn’t work, they banned the cure, they told you the virus was from nature, and it wasn’t, it was the guy who bragged on video about doing gain of function on coronaviruses from bats in the Wuhan lab who published that paper, and the inventor of mRNA said these injections are not safe for humans.

This was based on his knowledge of the experimentation on lab mice, which is what people are now, if they’re stupid enough not to realize that anyone who lies about the fact they made people literally magnetic and called them crazy and censored them for telling people what they did, are psychopaths.

Psychopathic terrorists, war criminals, perhaps literal Satanists, and I make no excuses whatsoever for anyone who cannot verify the endless proof of their psychopathy, this is about control, it’s not about a virus.

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