The First Round Of Pfizer FOIA Documents

It has a bad name, but science would have been sufficient if they had looked at the results of the trials and worked out that putting kids in wheelchairs for practically zero benefit was a bad thing.

Many people have forgotten about covid completely due to the Ukraine conflict and a possible escalation into world war three, which is a double edged sword.

On the one hand, it’s great if it distracts everyone enough that people aren’t losing their job or even going to jail if they don’t take experimental poison that kills many times more people than it saves, especially young people.

There will be a surprise outbreak, no doubt in my mind, he also said that it’s possible the vaccines could actually make people worse and that this would not be the first time that happened.

The down side is people are being distracted at exactly the time they would have learned about that if the complicit and corrupt media was reporting on the information Pfizer were forced to release.

They tried to delay the release for 75 years, and even the stuff they are releasing has been redacted, such as the amount of total injections given in that above video by Dr John Campbell, which would allow people to do simple math on risk vs benefit.

We all did our part to give ourselves a greater chance of death and over a thousand serious side effects. You will be injected, resist and the totalitarian scum we make propaganda for will freeze your bank account. fire you from your job, or worse.

It’s quite clear they don’t want people knowing the truth because the truth clearly shows them to be liars, murderers, thieves, eugenicists, Satanists, pedophiles, and guilty of virtually every crime known to man.

This isn’t just me saying that, there has been clear evidence of Bill Gates being a good friend of Epstein, who he and his friends used to black mail people if they couldn’t bribe them or threaten them in other ways to push this agenda.

When it’s Australian senators who die of a heart attack at 52, after what those scum did to people, I can’t say I’m sad about it.

He had about ten billion invested in vaccines, said it made him a twenty to one return on investment, which if I’m not mistaken means he personally had a potential two hundred billion to lose, along with being branded the eugenicist psychopath he is.

You see this wasn’t an accident, none of it was accidental. It was planned out a decade in advance. Every single eventuality was thoroughly war gamed with table top exercises, and in their planning documents.

Anyway, if you want to take a look at the information yourself here’s a link, it’s a bit of a hard read according to the doctor, but there’s a lot of it to get through and many eyes might help to locate any obvious problems.

As he said himself, he’s not a happy man, the nine pages of every side effect under the sun should have been released when it was first known so that doctors had an idea of what to look out for, which would have obviously resulted in more side effects being reported.

It’s a house of cards built on threats and centralized control based on corruption, from the billions made from this one faulty big pharma product by itself, let alone all of them put together.

From what I remember it was a third of all the money spent by regular American citizens goes to big pharma, which seems like a lot, but that’s also because they massively overcharge people in the USA.

I’m in Australia, and there’s a lot of problems with having “socialized” health care, but me personally, I’m never going to pay even one percent of my income for my subsidized medication, unless you count the ten percent goods and services tax on everything I buy.

Nothing comes for free, but they can make you think it’s free, and they can also make you think that somebody has to pay the price they ask, dozens of times more than what it costs to make, or that people should be forced to pay for something that is more likely to kill them.

People think I’m kidding when I say they’re evil mass murdering scum, you have to kill them, and it’s legal to do so in theory if you can prove they’re trying to kill you, that’s self defense.

That last bit is the kicker. They use tax payer dollars to do the initial research, then silence the free speech of those who try to tell people of the harm being done and the corruption that was proven long before these redacted admissions came out.

They are finally forced to admit the dangers were real, and then they continue to force people to pay them money on an ongoing basis, rather than us forcing the police whose salaries we pay for to arrest them or execute them all for crimes against humanity.

Fauci lied about funding the gain of function in the Wuhan lab which created the virus, and apparently there are countless labs doing the same thing around the world, in Ukraine for example.

It’s a matter of how seriously you take it that you don’t want to be sterilized, exterminated and enslaved by psychopathic eugenicist terrorist scum, and whether you can convince another ten percent of the public to fight against that for real.

There’s easily half the people now who oppose the lockdowns, mandates, loss of free speech, the obvious corruption and all of that. It’s enough to lose them elections, but losing elections isn’t enough, they need to die if they can’t be arrested, in my opinion.

Elections in a place like Ukraine means the globalist terrorists support a literal bunch of Nazis to burn the opposition alive and bomb civilians, arrest opposition leaders, shut down TV stations if they support the other side.

You have the US deciding who the president will be first, and then claiming Russia meddled with the election by hacking it and when they fight back against the build up of military on their border, they do their absolute best to destroy them short of an actual nuclear war.

Gee that sounds like democracy. Sounds like voting would do the job in ousting these corrupt mass murdering psychopaths who are proven to be killing women and children at home and abroad, whichever side you wanted to pick.

It won’t, they need to die, or to face justice somehow, and that might not be possible, but it will only get worse if they continue doing what they’re doing.

If nothing else, we need to make sure everyone finds out how bad these “vaccines” are, which is definitely proven now, by Pfizer’s own documents.

There is no argument left to that whole covid scam, the narrative collapsed, which is why they moved on to war, as it was predicted they would do, but if they really lost that “debate”, then they need to be prosecuted for the worst crimes against humanity since world war two.

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