We Just Shoot Them Right In The Vein

Is he watching a kiddie porn movie? No, he’s talking about covid.

Try watching that clip a few times, and you’ll start to notice things, which millions of people noticed immediately upon seeing it, along with many other videos, and literally called Bill Gates the antichrist.

“Is there something to worry about with medicines? Might some of them have side effects?” he says.

Laugh it up you sick Satanic freak.

To paraphrase Biden, yes and yes, they do have side effects, in fact Bill predicted that about one in ten thousand people would have side effects from this one vaccine, 700,000 people in the world, before they even started the trials.

It was actually millions more than that who reported adverse events, in fact it was probably that many people dead in the world from this one shot, if it was given to everyone.

That’s if it hasn’t reached that number of dead already, it’s hard to tell, but the lockdowns put hundreds of millions on the verge of starvation, it was already a clear negative result right from the beginning.

I couldn’t really get accurate figures on how many did starve to death, due to lockdowns, but it was more than died from covid, and there were many other casualties from the response alone, in the first world.

“Do we need safety testing?” This is the guy who was the self appointed front man for the vaccine genocide on TV, and he actually asks this as a question.

“We’re taking things that are genetically modified organisms and we’re injecting them into little kid’s arms, we just shoot them right in the vein.”

That’s where I thought, wait you’re claiming to be the expert who everyone is talking to about this? That’s how you shoot smack, as you well know you psychopathic eugenicist piece of crap.

According to this peer reviewed paper the WHO recommends that you don’t aspirate for vaccines, while “autism” cases continue to rise.

You don’t inject vaccines into the vein, you inject them in the muscle, and they specifically told doctors not to aspirate or pull back on the plunger to check that they hadn’t hit a vein when doing this intramuscular injection.

The “thinking” was there’s virtually no chance of a large vein being in that part of the body, except there is a chance. There always was.

People would be like are you saying you know better than the WHO? Then I’d say no, the WHO, funded by Bill Gates, the WEF, China, and others, is trying to kill people, on purpose, they’re eugenicists. Then they say I’m crazy and call the men in white coats.

Veins don’t happen in a uniform way, I saw a doctor who had been working his whole life say they always used to tell you to aspirate when doing intramuscular injections because it does happen.

Except they told the doctors not to do this, and a study on rats showed that when you inject the covid vaccine directly into the vein, you get the myocarditis and blood clots and all these problems we’re seeing.

Then he tried to tell them about it, and cited the study in his emails and letters, and the health minister or whoever it was said that would cause unnecessary pain.

Factcheck.org says they disclosed their funding. They forgot to mention the Gates Foundation funds the Annenberg Foundation, as is on their Wikipedia page.

I want to remind everyone again that they sat around planning to censor misinformation about a coronavirus that took over the world through Bill Gates funded fact checkers at the pre planning meeting, event 201.

And, that he gave a TED talk in 2010 saying that if they did a really great job on health care and new vaccines, they could lower the population by ten to fifteen percent.

In the overall population, the incidence of treatment-related severe adverse events was higher in the mRNA-1273 group (71 participants [0.5%]) than in the placebo group (28 participants [0.2%]) (Tables S8 and S15). The relative incidence of these adverse events according to vaccine group was not affected by age. I’m already seeing 1 in 200 getting serious adverse events in the initial Moderna trial, or more than double the placebo group, one guy killed himself. That’s what they’re injecting into little kid’s arms.

He said there might be one in ten thousand who got injuries, before the trials were done, and he said about the initial Moderna trial, 80% got side effects, immediately, and the video of him saying that was censored from YouTube.

He mimed injecting a genetically modified organism into little kid’s arms, right into the same vein he probably hit ten thousand times himself, not the shoulder muscle, when he was supposed to know what he was talking about, when it came to vaccines.

He’s a eugenicist, he’s a psychopath, they made the virus in the lab, released it on purpose, banned the cure, used faulty tests, faulty treatments, faulty vaccines, faulty injection procedures, to kill people on purpose, because that’s what the plan was.

It was also to make trillions of dollars and impose a totalitarian dictatorship on the entire world, but the main plan was depopulation, for the reasons these people have been talking about for years.

Shortage of fossil fuels and resources, possible climate change, over fishing, over foresting, pollution, sustainability, they killed half the animal species in the last fifty years, it isn’t looking good for large populations of humans as it is, one way or another.

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It’s not just about fixing this one issue, which would only take a second and wouldn’t hurt much at all, it’s that the general “advice” was designed to kill as many people as possible, as he well knew.

Doctors can lose their license for speaking out about any of these things, especially vaccines, especially this one.

Even though it’s the worst one yet, and trusting the science means trusting Satanic pedophile eugenicists trying their damndest to kill or injure millions of people and get away with it.

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