How To Resolve The Ukraine Crisis

This image of a tug of war isn’t really accurate, it’s more like Israel attacking Palestine with the Ukrainian Nazis being Israel. They rely on US support or they’d be crushed by the other side.

I’m not going to pretend that I’ve become an expert in global war politics in the last week or two, but I’ve had the chance to look at what many experts have said about Ukraine and it’s fairly simple in my view.

It isn’t a right wing or left wing thing, it’s more like a right and wrong thing, how do you save people from being bombed to death and further global devastation, and that solution requires coming to a peace agreement with Putin.

Both of these guys are Jewish billionaires, (or close to it), and Biden literally knelt at the feet of the Israeli prime minister. Nancy Pelosi said if the capitol crumbled to the ground, the last thing that would remain is their support for Israel. Isn’t that weird?

It’s really simple, let Putin take the territory occupied by the Russian separatists, make the country neutral, stop Ukraine joining NATO or becoming a nuclear power, get the military threat off Russia’s border, and act like you got some sense.

Russia’s GDP is not even as big as Texas, they haven’t got the capability of advancing across Europe with an army and taking over the world. China has much more chance of that, but not Russia by themselves.

Saw a Jewish guy say this was a Jewish made vaccine, he seemed very determined to show that it was Jews who made the vaccine at every step along the way, and of course others call it the Jewish bioweapon, the Jewish depopulation weapon, and just the fact they are Jews makes it hard to accuse them of anything because they brainwashed people through the media they own to make people call you antisemitic if you even say they own the media. For this reason, I usually refer to them as Satanists or globalists.

They only did this because they were provoked, in more ways than one, for example by the same scum who attacked the world with biological weapons.

Which is definitely coming out, along with a nine page list of side effects from the Pfizer death shot that they wanted to keep hidden for 75 years.

An excerpt from that last link:

Pfizer also points out that the reporting of an adverse event does not establish causality, as in that the jab was necessarily responsible.

Nevertheless, as IM Doc said:

This is a post marketing document.

in normal times, this would be in the Phase IV period. I have no idea how this is done for an EUA.

These are apparently side effects reported after the vaccines were rolled out.

No wonder they wanted to bury this.

OMG even my cynical self is whomperjawed. I have quite frankly never seen anything like this in all my years of IRB [Institutional Review Board] work. This is absolutely unprecedented.

Please look at starting at page 30. The list is overwhelming. Something about this tells me someone should be going to jail.

It is vindication for all the months I have been questioning my sanity. Having these happening to patients all the while the media and colleagues screaming about 100% safety. This is not the vindication I wanted though. This is just plain sad.

IM Doc (I don’t know what that means it’s an FDA employee I think)

So, it could be that they planned to sterilize, exterminate and injure people in such a way as to make many of them pharmaceutical customers for life with these death shots that countless top experts were warning about even before they came out.

Why? Because they’re literal Satanic pedophile eugenicist scum from hell, like I been saying, and world war three is just a good distraction from some of this proof of their crimes that’s coming out, in their minds.

They are very powerful, and very good at manipulating people, they have a lot of money from pushing drugs, and selling women and children and keeping slaves who work in sweat shops, being bankers or whatever, but too many people see it.

They can distract you by saying if we weren’t here, you’d have Putin or Xi making your life hell with even worse tyranny and crimes against humanity than what we do, even though they got arguably much worse than Russia is now in the last two years.

This is because government is terrorist criminal scum, they are simply the most vicious and brutal bunch of drug dealers who managed to kill the other drug dealers to make that money and get that power. That’s who government is, or who they work for.

I could tolerate it when they were pretending real hard that that isn’t who they are, but if they’re not even trying to act like we got freedom and democracy, I suggest we have a war to fight.

I suggest we fight the real enemy, our own governments, or the rich elite scum who think they own them from the other side of the world and use them to destroy countless lives with their psychopathic greed.

I went from talking about peace to trying to start a new war on a different enemy, and that’s only because were it not for government, there would of course never be any war between people on opposite sides of the world.

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