Trump Says Nobody Dies If They Take The Vaccine

Almost without exception, the people who make the videos I watch have come out in harsh condemnation of Trump, and I’ve been criticizing him myself for a fair while now.

He says things like I am the father of the vaccine, it was all me, I rushed it through, put pressure on the FDA, they don’t like me, but I got it done, and I saved a hundred million lives, this would have been the Spanish flu.

No, that isn’t even nearly true. The Spanish flu caused people to die on average before they reached thirty if they had it, when they were usually living to an average age of about fifty.

What happened with this virus was people died at the same average age they always die, around eighty, and in fact the life expectancy got better, not worse, which makes it hard to argue anything unusual happened at all.

Like with any of these insane restrictions on freedom, you could say because we locked down, we didn’t see the worst of it, but they didn’t lock down in Sweden, and it was about the same, if not better than some countries like the UK.

That’s how you know that he’s full of crap, and they all are, and they’re lying about this being anything like the Spanish flu, because if you’re most healthy people, it’s not even as bad as the flu, which also wouldn’t kill those average people.

From what I heard, the reason people died back then was either from bacterial pneumonia from wearing masks, or from a faulty vaccine for yellow fever or maybe some other vaccine that destroyed people’s immune systems.

Something like that. It wasn’t a natural occurrence, or it didn’t seem natural, it came out of nowhere and disappeared again, or maybe it mutated into milder variants while people adapted their immune system to them.

Every once in a while you get a pandemic, but as we’ve seen from this one, the devil is in the details, and it matters a lot who’s telling the story, because that Spanish flu is an ancestor of the same flu we have now, and it’s entirely possible it wasn’t by itself the main cause of death.

I’m in Australia which had about the same number of deaths from covid as die from the flu every year, and the flu deaths disappeared completely, meaning it probably was the flu and they just lied and said it wasn’t, or used a faulty PCR test.

I don’t know that for sure, but that’s how much this wasn’t a big deal, other than the horrific totalitarian nightmare they made out of it, with all the lies they told, which I saw immediately.

It was an obvious overreaction, unbelievable in every way, and I said immediately if this virus even exists, they made it in the lab and released it on purpose, and planned out what they were going to do years in advance.

I talk to these Trump fanatics who make excuses for him, and say things like it doesn’t matter if they attacked us with a biological weapon on purpose, we still needed to have a response that saved lives.

Do we? Do we actually need to have a response like this that “saves people” from dying at the same average age they always die? Is that an idea that requires trillions of dollars and the loss of all freedom forever?

Is it worth putting a million kids in wheelchairs and giving them bad hearts and ruining their future and giving them a complex that will take years of therapy to fix, if they can ever fix the psychological damage?

Is it rational that they covered up the early treatment options that were proven to have a beneficial effect, if not being a virtual cure, which they banned?

No, it isn’t. Trump may not have come up with the idea, but he basically went along with the crap that Fauci and Bill Gates were selling, rather than just sending a SEAL team to shoot them dead, which he could have done.

I watched a few too many Q inspired videos of him saving the world from the cabal, and so for about a year I thought he was on that side, against the new world order, against the covid scam, against the pedophiles with red shoes who cut children to pieces.

However, I noticed problems from the start, like he was friends with Epstein for fifteen years, or going back to the eighties, and everyone knew what that guy did, including Trump.

I could sort of overlook the suspicion of minor sex crimes and sleaziness if he actually brought some of the worst criminals to justice, but it turned out that he was one of them, the whole time.

The “white power” hand sign he was doing obviously, all the time, that means 666, it doesn’t mean white power.

It’s been around since before the Beatles did it and now literally every famous Hollywood star and US president does that hand sign.

So, he’s a Satanist, probably a 33rd degree Freemason, or whatever the hell kind of secret society it is that gets you into the presidency, and I heard in order to advance up the levels, you have to screw kids and kill people.

From what I remember, one of the last levels, you get blindfolded, and then when they take it off, you have a severed head in one hand, and a dagger in the other.

I can’t really confirm any of this secret stuff, because it’s secret, but it definitely isn’t all about having sex with teen girls, that’s just the obvious tip of the iceberg.

These people at the top, they plot to genocide entire populations through poison, forced or covert sterilization, starting wars, and dividing societies to hate each other so they’re easy to control.

They deal drugs, run the sex trade, they cut little kid’s faces off, allegedly, and he’s one of them, because he made it quite obvious he’s not backing the side fighting against them, for freedom, justice, truth, etc.

It’s not like you can dismiss that idea, considering he’s basically echoing the same talking points as Fauci, a guy who kidnapped foster children and poisoned them to death with experimental AIDS drugs, tortured puppies, funded gain of function research, etc.

If you’re not against that psychopathic scumbag, you’re automatically on his side, singing his praises, following his “advice” on how to deal with this plandemic he planned with the bankers to take over the world.

So, that’s about it, get a new guy, he doesn’t even deserve to live, it doesn’t matter if he talked a good game in the past, or had some good policies.

He’s in the big club, and that’s some real nasty people, doing some real nasty things that affect every single person on earth.

Maybe he’s threatened with death, that’s the first thing they do is threaten you with death when you join their secret society, but if you had known that to start with, would you have ever trusted him? Of course not.

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