It’s Booster Season

While we’re still fighting these horrific scum trying to force inject poison into us and our children in the first round, they’re already admitting the shots don’t work, and saying you need more shots of poison, every year forever.

I could try to say that in a more diplomatic way, but that’s the way it is, people are getting fired from their jobs by the millions, they can’t go into businesses to shop, they’re being denied life saving organ transplants.

All because they won’t take a shot that doesn’t work, even according to the people pushing it, and which also killed and injured more people than all vaccines combined in the history of vaccines.

The entire thing was lies at every single point along the way, the masks didn’t work, the tests didn’t work, they banned the cure, they called gunshot victims covid, they told you there was going to be a surprise outbreak before it happened etc.

It’s not even a vaccine, the inventor of mRNA gene therapies got written out of history for speaking out against the shot he helped to invent, and he’s now on the Wikipedia page for gaslighting rather than the Wikipedia page for mRNA.

Millions of people are protesting around the world, but they’re still not taking it seriously enough in my opinion.

They need to wake up more fully, in larger numbers, because we’re dealing with evil on a level the world has rarely seen.

They made the biological weapon in the Wuhan lab and released it on purpose, to install the ID2020 digital ID system that they hope will control every single thing that everyone does forever, and that’s not even an exaggeration.

They also told you they did, over and over again, and most people just couldn’t comprehend it, because they can’t imagine how people could sit around talking about their unspeakably evil plans in such a calm, business like manner.

If your test for covid asks you to speculate on the likelihood of you having covid before you start the test, as part of the test, to work out if it’s a likely false positive, that’s not anything, it’s not anything at all. It’s bullshit.

These people aren’t normal, they start wars for weapons profits, and this is a war.

There’s no other way to look at it, and the only reason people haven’t started the actual war is they don’t have the weapons.

It’s hard to say how many police and army members actually support this insane totalitarian Orwellian science fiction nightmare, or how many would fight against it if pushed to choose a side, but it’s not been looking very hopeful so far, mostly because they still don’t actually get what’s happening.

The police showed their willingness to attack citizens because they went outside their house, without a mask, it didn’t seem to occur to them to turn their guns on the people giving the orders instead.

That’s the sort of thing that isn’t easy to do, and it requires a vast majority to be overwhelmingly convinced that the people in power are tyrannical monsters who need to be removed by force, but it’s getting there.

Bill Gates and his psychopathic elite globalist friends have threatened the world with more biological weapons attacks of small pox or whatever, but threats can work both ways if you capture them and their family.

It’s hard to outdo these scum for threats of pain and death because they are the most evil, Satanic, psychopathic monsters ever, but necessity is the mother of invention.

However, before reaching the point where they get arrested, punished, executed for their crimes against humanity, you first have to grow the resistance to the point where the police show solidarity with the people, against the scum.

They probably have to actually witness the social credit scores, the totalitarian censorship, the devastation of the carbon credit facial recognition vaccine passport matrix.

But once they actually see what’s coming, and realize that they planned it for years, having the virus in their written plans for total control of the population, going back years, they’ll have to realize who the enemy is.

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Bare in mind, regardless of how many there are in the resistance, it will become apparent that those in it will need to defend themselves, if these bastards continue attacking the world in such a blatant, brutal, obvious way.

It’s completely justified to do anything at all to these criminals in self defense, but it might take a while for people to wrap their heads around who they are exactly and what they actually did.

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